Funtech Launches

The launch of is an important milestone in the online gaming world. The platform has launched its decentralized version on February 20th, offering various competitive advantages and benefits to its users. Among its most groundbreaking decentralized gambling innovations is the incorporation of a smart contract within the platform that acts as a safeguard for the funds of every user that plays in the casino. The smart contract cannot be altered by any entity within CoinGames and is also foolproof against outside tampering by malicious third parties as well, being programmed to release the funds only when at the completion of certain criteria like a slot win or wagering completion in a promotion. This entails that the entire process is also as transparent as possible, as users always know where they are putting their funds, where they are during a game session and how to withdraw them without the hassle that many centralized gaming entities would require when such actions are carried out.

The launch has also greatly facilitated user experience by minimizing the time a user needs to register to the platform, as the sole thing that is now required is for the player to connect their crypto wallet to the website, a process that usually only requires a few seconds. The integration of DEGA tokens in CoinGames is also a vitally important development for the project, as it is now the only currency used to play in the casino. DEGA is backed to bitcoin, meaning that it is not subjected to waves of volatility as most other tokens are, but simply follows BTC’s trends, ensuring also that users are not wasting their time checking which currencies are supported by the platform and continuously needing to swap them around. Funtech’s ultimate goal, with the launch of its decentralized licensed casino with the decentralized gambling technology, is to be the standard-bearer for a new sector of gaming that is slowly but surely making its way towards the mainstream, thanks to increased customer security and rapid processes. 

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