The first decentralized casino dealer.

The blockchain technology that decentralizes deposits and withdrawals making gambling dealing trustless and permissionless.


One wallet for every casino.'s mission is to make the integration of blockchain and gambling possibile, thus creating an ecosystem of blockchain services that decentralizes the management of deposits, withdrawals and of the pot.

How to

The claim mechanism

Spend and receive DEGA instantly by signing incremental and decremental cryptographic claims.


Server confirm and verify transactions updating the balance on smartcontract wothout need for an on-chain transaction.


When a users win an amount of DEGA, server and client sign a claim that rapresent a credit that can be spent.


Claims are incremental and there are whachtower services taht guarantee the security propagating the last actual claim.

DAO features

The DAO system

In order to decentralize gambling we need for an autonomous organization to:

Sovrain Vault smart contract.

Manage the Vault DeFi yielding.

Watch over and certificate the decentralization of other crypto gambling projects.

Token General Informations