Enter into the realm of Web3 innovations

We lead the development of blockchain solutions to pioneer new and improved payment integrations

We have found the balance between Scalability, Security and Decentralized Innovation

Our Solutions

The Future of Digital Payment

By enabling a fully decentralized ecosystem, our de.ga technology gives users access to a trustless system with rapidly processed transactions and reduced fees

The technology works as a second-layer framework on Binance, Ethereum and Polygon, enabling faster payments directly through non-custodial wallets.

Own Your Deposit.

This is the first B2B casino that uses de.ga technology.

By using smart contract technology, users are always in control of their funds, unlike in centralized entities where operators are intrinsically involved in these processes

The casino has obtained the first license of its kind from the Gambling Commission of the Isle of Man.

Thanks to de.ga, the conversion rate increased by 386%. The first deposit rate also increased 160%

New Games Format

Allow your users to be the dealer.

This means that users can become the dealer throughout the entire gaming session.

We have demonstrated expertise in game development, creating games that not only provide entertainment but also offer a B2B business opportunity when integrated

How can Decentralization benefit your industry?

Our technology & their benefits

harder to attack your network


A decentralized network makes it more difficult for malicious entities to attack the network and attempt to control it.

with our Layer 2 technology


Second-layer solutions enable near instantaneous transactions, as there is less dependence on intermediaries.

We lead in the innovation of global digital payments, making them fast, secure and accessible to all.

Efficiency &

Efficiency &

Decentralization reduces the computational load on the main chain.

leading to more efficient overall resource utilization

this allows users to engage without stringent compliance requirements.

What’s next in Crypto and iGaming?

Hear what Funtech’s Leadership has to say about Crypto overtaking Fiat

Meet Our Team

Get to know the key members of our team

Edoardo Narduzzi


Certified Public Accountant and serial entrepreneur who founded NETikos, TechEdge and Mashfrog Group. He has held senior positions at Telecom Italia and the Italian Ministry of Finance, and currently serves as president of Builg Inc and Wattyo Lda and holds several directorships in other companies

Enrico Giancaterina

Managing Director

Founded startups in gambling and sports prediction, as well as created partnerships with major operators and users in 56 countries. He was previously the founder and managing director of Nextwin, crypto trader and advisor on several crypto projects.

Michele De Pasquale

Product Marketing Manager

Spent the last 12 years in product marketing within different industries. My focus has been on the design, development and operational implementation of products for an increase in revenue.

Fabio Di Sotto


He is a full-stack developer with 8 years of experience, specializing in developing blockchain dApps with Solidity and backend technologies like PHP, Python, Java, SQL, and NoSQL. They are also skilled in developing web interfaces using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), Typescript, and Vue.

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